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Physics of a Mountain Bike Essay example -- Physics Papers

Material science of a Mountain Bike This paper will examine a portion of the material science associated with bikes. In particular, trail blazing bicycles with suspension. A bike is a very vitality effective vehicle. Its wheels permit its rider to utilize idleness and gravitational possible vitality. The fundamental structure of a bike has been around for more than 100 years and contrasted with different things, has changed practically nothing. A portion of the themes that will be secured are: outlines, wheels, suspension forks, suspension casings, brakes and how every one of these things influence speed, energy and dependability. A portion of the key pieces of any bike are the casing, forks and wheels. The most widely recognized kind of bike outline is known as the twofold precious stone. It is called this in such a case that you take a gander at the edge, it is precious stone molded with 2 littler triangles framing the front and back. This planned has suffered in light of the fact that it is anything but difficult to manufacture, solid and productive. The tubing that a casing is made with is for the most part adjust yet can be various shapes even on a similar bicycle. The explanation behind this molding is to expand the unbending nature or improve the ride quality. For example, the inclining tube that goes from the front of the bicycle to the pedal intersection of the casing is once in a while ovalized along the even hub at the pedal intersection to make the casing flex less side to side. Casings have been produced using numerous materials including wood, steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber just to gi ve some examples. Every one of the materials have a solidarity to weight proportion, elasticity and cost of creation that must be considered before concluding which will work best. For instance, when an edge made of beryllium was presented, the solidarity to weight proportion was exceptionally high. The weight was incredibly low yet the cost wa... ...etty. The quicker you go, the smoother it gets and the more prominent the power required to stop. Mass occasions speed isn't fun when applied to an accident. Mike Farrentino in an article in Bike magazine says, â€Å"The quicker you go, the more extended the accident, the more prominent the power of the effect. Seconds appear hours, and the rattle and heave and crash of truck wheeling bicycle and body parts is certainly not a sound effortlessly overlooked. †¦In resentment of this, whatever any of us state, we as a whole need to go fast†¦.Momentum is the mystery key to the universe. It is the surge of euphoria. It is the substantial hand of gravity. It is the smile of a youngster, feet off the pedals, bombarding downhill on a tricycle.† Sources Bicycle magazine: volume 10, number 2 March 2003 Bloomfield, Louis A : How things work, the material science of regular day to day existence, 1997 Kirkpatrick and Wheeler: Physics, a world view, third version, 1998 www.howstuffwork.com

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Operations Management - Material requirements planning & Just in Time Essay

Activities Management - Material prerequisites arranging and Just in Time ( 2 CASE STUDY - ) HAVE TO ANSWER STUDYING THE CASES - Essay Example First the piece is secluded by utilizing scrap canisters found in the spot of creation then the piece is recorded from the containers every day. Renewal: the best of this training is the substitution by utilization of standardized identifications for checking. The force framework is additionally utilized. Organizers can arrange materials by utilization of min-max checking framework relying upon the item intricacy. Creation revealing: scanner tag checking can be utilized to put creation to stock. The dismissed item is moved to a material audit board. Invert getting is accomplished for holders that should be arranged. To show signs of improvement stream is one of the ways of thinking of JIT. This can be applied in flight of stairs cell running so as to maintain a strategic distance from time misfortune. To show signs of improvement stream implied distinguishing the different procedures required and too arranging them. This maintains a strategic distance from time wastage during the hour of running the movement. Lessening the occasions and separations in the process which guarantees everything that is required is set up. Accomplishing faster throughput times, Dean can accomplish this in flight of stairs cell by giving each material that is required. Money saving advantage classes for this situation are in various manners. For example is the assembling money saving advantage. In this classification, in building up the cell it ought to be guaranteed that the expense brought about underway is less the item deals. Another classification is the creation money saving advantage where by the expense of creation comparable to JIT Techniques ought to be fulfilling. For example it ought not be not exactly the benefits picked up. Next is the time cost where by every obligation is performed at its particular timeframe to keep away from cover of exercises decreasing the advantages as recommended by Pycraft (2000). JIT (Just-in-Time) strategies give a financially savvy creation of the cell and its conveyance too as per Cleland and Ireland (2006). It does this in the opportune spot and time. In a similar time benefits in term of least of offices, material, types of gear

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Making A Splash on July 4 The Celebration in Photos

Making A Splash on July 4 The Celebration in Photos (and maybe a little text here and there) So pretty much July 4th was all about the BBQ and fun with friends. I took in the action from Baker where I lived my freshman year. Here are a few pictures and videos from the day. And also, for more on July 4, check out Matts Blog. Videos: Movie 1 Movie 2 Tom is a grilling MACHINE. Some friends pose while waiting for some BBQ. Jackie and Nikki share their burgers. Martijn + Slip and Slide I told you I was accident-prone. A little wet. FIREWORKS!!! I was always told that July 4th in Boston was something I should experience at least once, and while I probably did enjoy it when I lived here when I was younger, it was a totally different experience watching the fireworks and knowing what elements would yield what colors when burned. Go Chemistry! At some point during the night among other humorous conversations, me and my friends decided to discuss baby names, and in the true spirit of MIT, a friend said: Friend: If I had a daughter, I would name her Athena and if I had a son, I would name him Kerberos. Classic Nerd Humor. I have a ton more photos where these came from so if youd like to see them, email me at [emailprotected].

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Growing Up In Texas - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1152 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2019/03/19 Category Society Essay Level High school Topics: Gun Control Essay Did you like this example? Growing up in Texas your first purchase as an Adult is either a truck or a firearm because its the Texan thing to do. Buying a gun in Texas is very a simple process. All you need is a valid State ID or Drivers License with your current address and no criminal history. The Federal Government requires a person to be eighteen and older to purchase a rifle or shotgun and twenty one to purchase a handgun. The Government does not have complete say over the states and lets them decide what requirements to enforce to purchase a firearm while using the age limits as a based guideline. For example, in the State of Illinois you are required to take a three week gun safety class in order to receive a license and be able to purchase. Once the gun is purchase you are then obligated to register with the State of Illinois. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Growing Up In Texas" essay for you Create order In Texas, you only require a valid ID or Drivers License and pass the National Instant Criminal Background Check. The background check can take anywhere from five minutes to up to seven days. Speeding up the background check is possible by inputting your social security number in as it is optional but it helps the system find you more quickly. Personally, it takes me ten minutes to do the background check and walk out with my firearm. I am sure you remember this most recent Senatorial election since you were involved. You voiced your thoughts and plans for more control in Texas. I believe that lead to loss in the election. Since Texan men and women love their guns as much as they love there moms. While some people believe that it is relatively easy to buy a gun in Texas, it really is not that way. Companies are now requiring that you take a special training class in order for you to sell. This training includes learning the parts of a firearm, how to break down a firearm, how to identify a straw purchase, and most importantly how to fill out the form 4473 which completes the firearm purchase. This training could be as short as a couple of days but as long has a couple of weeks. Companies train their employees this way so that they ensure that a firearm does not end up in the hands of someone who is prohibited from owning a firearm. Even though a training class to prevent this is mandatory. I do feel as if there should be an extra precaution in the re-sale aspect of firearms. Attempted straw purchases happen a majority if the time. A straw purchase is when someone purchases a gun for someone else who is not allowed to purchase or own firearms. A straw purchase is Third Degree Felony and is punishable crime of two-ten years in prison and a fine up to $10,000. Most people believe that this is the way criminals buy their guns but this is not completely true. Stricter gun laws in Texas isnt going to stop a criminal from getting his hands on a firearm. If a criminal wants a gun hes going to get in one way or another. Stricter gun laws is only punishing the responsible gun owners who solely have firearms for hunting and protection. I feel as if we should focus more on the illegal gun trades and illegal reselling of guns instead of upsetting the NRA. If we had the same gun laws as Illinois, it would only put a first time gun buyer at risk. For example, a mother of three kids trying to escape an abusive husband for the safety of her children and herself. She tries to buy a gun and takes a three week class just to get a permit to purchase and in the middle of the course her abusive ex husband finds her new house breaks in and kills her. Most people would say she should have called the police. She should have gotten the police involved, but knowing someone in that exact situation, I know the police only act if you have solid evidence and proof. The national average response time for a police call is eighteen minutes. Imagine the mother of three didnt have to take a three week course only to get a permit in order to purchase. She would have that firearm by her bedside with a round in the chamber and instead of having to wait eighteen minutes for the police to show up. She does what she has to do to protect her family and gets to spend the holidays with her three kids and her kids dont have to grow up with the memory of there mother being murdered by there father who sadly, might get off and have custody of them. Imagine how there lives would end up. People think that some dont need an AR-15 which stands for Armalite Rifle for home defense but here in the State of Texas you have the right to own for home defense. Which most Texans take advantage of and they sleep more at peace and feel more safe because of it. Unlike California, we have no restrictions on magazine capacity. We have no restrictions on how I can load and unload my rifle. If someone has the money and wants to buy a Barret M107 chambered in .50 Cal for home defense then by all means do so. The government should not be able to tell the people what they can and cant defend themselves, there family and property with. Gun confiscation is out the window as well. When the government attempts to try and pass a law to take away its citizens guns, that is when we should arm ourselves. Back in the days of the colonies the crown attempted to take our guns away in order to have complete control over us. In Germany in the mid 1930s Hitler also took his peoples guns away and look how well that turned out. The Founding Fathers knew that the citizens of this great Nation needed to be protected from a government that was trying to overstep its boundaries. In conclusion, if Texas had the same gun laws as California or Illinois it wouldnt be protecting people, it would be putting lives at risk. We as citizens have a right to defend ourselves and we have a right to bear arms. The second amendment to the Constitution was put in for a reason. If you believe that there needs to be stricter gun laws or no guns at all, have someone break into your house in the middle of the night while your family is sleeping and the only thing you have to defend yourself with is a bat. You lose your sense of security. I pray that doesnt happen to you, but until it does, keep thinking it is okay to try and limit our guns.

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Wind turbines Free Essay Example, 2750 words

History has provided immense details regarding wind turbines and how they produce electricity. History has even helped in learning that wind turbine helps in the production of energy and can help in decreasing the use of harmful fossil fuels that is used in electricity production and can change the field of energy by providing safe and environment friendly energy to consumers throughout the world. Body What Are Wind Turbines Used For The historical knowledge of wind turbine clearly states that wind turbine can be used for various tasks. For example wind turbines have been previously used for the purpose of draining Rhine Delta. But the main purpose due to which wind turbines are gaining popularity and have remained popular for several years is that wind turbines have the ability to generate electricity that is safe for the environment. In order to identify whether wind turbines produce eco-friendly energy or not, it is essential to understand how wind turbines work. How Wind Turbines Work The first step in the operation of wind turbine is the rotation of the rotor blades that are connected to the turbine and these blades rotate as wind passes through them. We will write a custom essay sample on Wind turbines or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now Wind turbines can have more than one rotor blade attached to them and the diameter of these blades are around 30 to 80 meters. The length of the blades is very essential for production of more energy. The higher the length of these blades, the higher will be the production of energy. The movement of these blades is essential for the turning of a shaft that is located within the box that is attached on top of the wind turbine. The movement of these shafts is essential for the gearbox to work which is essential for the increase in the speed of the rotation of the blades. The box that is located above the tower eve comprises of a generator that is essential for the conversion of the energy of blade rotation into electricity (Energy. gov, 2015(a)). The wind turbine is connected with a transformer which is used to convert the electricity being generated into voltage that has been set to be distributed to the households and organizations that are connecte d with the national grid and the national grid is powered by the transformer. The blades of a turbine are connected to a tower this tower is at least 75 meters long and is placed in an upright position so more wind energy can be consumed. Wind turbines even comprise of a monitor that is useful for the detection of the speed as well as the direction in which the wind is blowing.

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F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gatsby S Business Free Essays

Chapter 7 Questions: 1. Who is Pammy? How does Gatsby react when he sees her? How does her existence complicate Gatsby’s dream? Pammy is the daughter of Daisy and Tom Buchanan. Gatsby looks at Pammy with surprise when he meets her, Tom and Daisy’s daughter. We will write a custom essay sample on F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gatsby S Business or any similar topic only for you Order Now He is hurt that Daisy has moved on in life without him, while he remains trapped in the love he has had for her all those years. Pammy is living proof, something you cannot undo, and that is why it hurts Gatsby. 2. How does Tom suddenly come to realize that Daisy loves Gatsby? How does he react? Tom suddenly comes to realize that Daisy loves Gatsby when before lunch Gatsby eyes and Daisy’s eyes meet, and â€Å"†¦ stare at each other, alone in space. † Tom realizes that they love each other. Their eyes reveal this to him. Tom reacts in shock and did not say anything. He opened his mouth, looked at Gatsby, then back to Daisy as if in disbelief. 3. What important discovery does Wilson make in this chapter? How does he react? Wilson discovers that his wife had an affair. He believes that Myrtle is unworthy. He needs money so he can go out West. 4. What things has Tom discovered about Gatsby’s business dealings? Tom perceives Gatsby as a low-class hustler, a bootlegger who will never be able to distance himself from his past. In Tom’s selective mind, Gatsby is common and therefore his existence is meaningless. He comes from ordinary roots and can never change that. The illusion of Jay Gatsby comes tumbling down. In all of Gatsby’s years of dreaming, he never once suspected that he might not have his way. He is no longer able to define himself because the dream defined him and now the dream is gone. 5. Why was Myrtle running towards Gatsby’s car? Who was driving the car that hit Myrtle Wilson? Who does Tom think was driving? Myrtle was running away from her husband because he would not let her go. Daisy was driving the car that hit Myrtle Wilson. Tom thought that Gatsby was driving the car. 6. How does the accident seem to affect Jordan? Jordan doesn’t seem affected by the accident. She acts as if it is just another event in her partying-lifestyle. Nick refers to all of them as â€Å"rotten† because they are self-absorbed, uncaring, selfish, and dishonest people. Daisy killed Myrtle and doesn’t seem to feel a thing. Analysis: 7. What has changed about Gatsby’s house? What might this change symbolize or foreshadow? Gatsby’s house has been overtaken by his dream. He let his own desires corrupt his internal sanctuary. 8. What does the author mean when he writes that Tom looked at Daisy â€Å"as if he had just recognized her as someone he knew a long time ago. † He saw the real Daisy, a person that has been covered up by everyone’s desires. She let people think what they want to feel a part of everything. She let people build up their own reputation for her rather than building it up herself. 9. Why do you think Fitzgerald refers to Daisy as â€Å"the golden girl†? What does Gatsby say Daisy’s voice is â€Å"full of†? What does this comparison suggest about what really attracts men to her? I think that Fitzgerald refers to Daisy as â€Å"the golden girl† because, she was always expected to do everything perfect so that she did not mess up her family’s reputation. Many are drawn to the rich crowd even if they disapprove of them, like Nick. Daisy represents  material wealth  and all that comes with it. These things are class, beauty, comfort and power. Gatsby said that Daisy’s voice was full of money. This shows that she has power over men. Daisy has always had what she wanted growing up in a wealthy home, including her choice of men. 0. How has Gatsby’s dream died in this chapter? How has everyone else suffered loss in this chapter? Gatsby’s dream leads him to the destruction, of both the dream and himself. Gatsby wants to be loved by everyone. He does  want to have to earn  Daisy. He constantly wants to be the center of attention and have a reputation as a pillar of society. He wants to be wealthy and almost â€Å"god-like†. 11. After the confrontational scene in the hotel room, why do you think Fitzgerald has Nick report that he has turned thirty that day? What is ironic about Nick turning thirty in this particular chapter? It shows Nick maturing and realizing who everyonje really is rather than hiding in the background. It is ironic because as one is celebrating life others are mourning the death of Myrtle Wilson. 12. In this chapter, Gatsby’s car is described as the â€Å"death car. † If his car symbolizes materialism, how does this add meaning to that symbolism? Identify other â€Å"deaths† found in Chapter 7. Gatsby’s dream has become a death and Daisy’s covered up personality has as well. Gatsby’s car was just a role in this charade because Tom was trying to prove a point to everyone. 13. Why is Nick disgusted with Jordan in the end of the chapter? What has she done or said that irritates him? Nick is disgusted with Jordan in the end of chapter 7 because, he finds out that Jordan was dating  another man. Nick did not see Jordan for a long time. Nick is disgusted by the fact that Jordan is spoiled, dishonest, and careless. Jordan wants to win everything at the expense of honesty and trust. Therefore, she makes herself out to be a dishonest person who lies to get what she wants. 14. Chapter 7 parallels Chapter 1 in many ways. One example is the initial setting at the Buchanan’s; a second example is the heat. Identify at least three other similarities. What might be Fitzgerald’s purpose for this parallelism? Three other similarities are. I think that Fitzgerald’s purpose for this parallelism is, 15. How are Tom Buchanan and George Wilson alike? What might Fitzgerald be suggesting through these similarities? Tom used George to get to his wife Myrtle, who gave him the sense of vitality that he longed for, the sense of vitality that Daisy just could not give him. Tom meditated a devious plan to rid Gatsby from Daisy’s life. He purposely took Gatsby’s car to Wilson’s garage so Myrtle would see it and think that it was Tom’s new car. 6. How does Fitzgerald draw comparisons between Tom and Gatsby? What might he be suggesting through these similarities? Both want Daisy to be their very own. Being wealthy, wanting Daisy to be their own, and having hostile feelings towards one another. Both Gatsby and Tom strive to be financially successful. Both Gatsby and Tom find their high status in society impo rtant. Differences between one another can lead to negative consequences. They see the bad qualities in themselves and hate each other for it. 17. Compare and contrast the following two images. Identify where each occurs in the story and discuss the meaning behind the similarities and differences. 18 He put his hands in his coat pockets and turned back eagerly to his scrutiny of the house, as though my presence marred the sacredness of the vigil. So I walked away and left him standing there in the moonlight—watching over nothing. 19 But I didn’t call to him, for he gave a sudden intimation that he was content to be alone—he stretched out his arms toward the dark water in a curious way, and, far as I was from him, I could have sworn he was trembling. Involuntarily I glanced seaward— and distinguished nothing except a single green light, minute and faraway, that might have been the end of a dock. In both of these scenes Gatsby pushes away the help of others. He does not want people to see the real him or get too close. Everyone has feelings and Gatsby is hit hard when people get in between him and his dreams. Staring out into the big sky and open world helps him clear his head. How to cite F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gatsby S Business, Essay examples

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Capital Gains Method and Policies for Business Organizations

Question: Discuss about the Capital Gains Method and Policies for Business Organizations. Answer: Introduction: The taxation law of Australia is one of the worlds outstanding revenue collection system introduced by the government of the country, which is based on the citizenship of an individual of the nation, capital gains method and policies for business organizations. This study will present the brief idea about the residential status based on Australian Law. In the given case, Fred seeks an advice about his residential status based on Australian Law. Ascertainment of residency of Fred for taxation: After analyzing the case, it was found that Fred visited Australia with an intention to set up his own business in the country. He did not mention the duration of his stay before the arrival. According to Australian Law, it is mandatory for an individual to obtain a valid visa for his stay in the country for an unknown period. According to Saad (2014), this type of visa can be termed as Permanent Residence Visa also. In the given case, it was found that Fred has visited the country without his family; moreover, he has obtained a valid visa also. It is not possible to decide whether the obtained visa is Permanent Residence Visa or not. To decide on the matter it is necessary to highlight the requirements of the residential status of Australia. The requirements are as follows: Physically present in the country: According to Australian Law, a person must stay in the country at least for a period of twelve months than only the person is eligible to acquire a permanent residency of the country. In the given case, Fred left the country within a period of eleven months due to his illness. In the words of Schenk, Thuronyi and Cui (2015) if the person fails to satisfy the requirements of the act than the person is not liable to pay tax in the country. So based on the assumption it can be conclude that Fred has not met the basic criteria of the act hence he is a non-resident and could not be chargeable for taxation purpose. Policy of Dual Citizenship: Dual citizenship means a person can acquire the citizenship of more than one country at a time based on the rules and regulation of the nations. In the given case, Fred resides in UK and has the citizenship of the country. To carry on any business in Australia it is necessary for an individual to obtain the citizenship of Australia. Fred has certain investment in France and he receives certain amount of interest from that investment. According to Arthur (2016), the person who earns an income from more than one country, the amount which he earned is taxable under both the countries i.e. the country in which he resides and the country in which the income actually occurred. Based on this assumption Fred is liable to pay tax to the government of France and UK. Australian government will not get any tax on that income from Fred. In addition to it Fred has not decided his staying period in Australia before his arrival, moreover, he left the country within a peri od of eleven months. Therefore, he cannot be termed as a citizen of Australia (Australian Citizenship HQ 2016). Hence, he is not liable to pay tax in Australia. Ordinary income: Ordinary income includes income from all sources except income from capital gains. Income from wages, salaries, bonuses, and so on together forms part of an ordinary income. Short-term capital gain or sale from an asset which is held for a period of less than twelve months are included in ordinary income. It is of two types business income and personal income. In case of Californian Copper Syndicate Ltd v Harris (Surveyor of Taxes) (1904) 5 TC 159 The court has an option to deal with the benefits related to deals and appraisal, which were charged on an individual. In the given case Californian Copper Syndicate (Anon, 2016), the income earned by an individual is to be charged as assessable income instead of income, which can be imposed on a person. In other words, the income which is obtained from carrying on any business instead of any acknowledgment or from any deals of securities than the income might be assessed to charge. Therefore, to discover the income it is important to consider whether the addition to investment is only for improving the quality of business or is it for an operation to achieve the future profit of business. So the motive of an individual should be considered before taking any decision or making any deals. In case of Scottish Australian Mining Co Ltd v FC of T (1950) 81 CLR 188 The company was associated with the coal mining business. The company was framed with a motive to secure resources of coal in the New South Wales region of the country. After sometime, the company stops this business and sold all the land. The company made a huge profit on this sale (Anon, 2016). The court held that income earned in this manner is not assessable as Income from Business because the nature of the business was coal mining. The company was not associated with the business of sale or purchase of land. Hence, not chargeable as an assessable income. In case of FCT v Whitfords Beach Pty Ltd (1982) 150 CLR An individual bought an area for its shareholder to give them the accessability of beachfront. The court in this case verdicts that the income which was earned by the taxpayer would be assessable to Business Income because the materialness of expense which incurred by selling a land was to make profit only. Therefore, it is chargeable under the Business Income of an assessee. According to sec. 25(1) and 26(a) of the Income Tax Act, 1936 assessable income includes: Profit made at a bargain. Income made from the deal of the asset. Profit earned from production. Profit made from undertaking of an asset. In the given case, the taxpayer has directed the matter as an area of improvement instead of accompanying it for the said wages. Therefore, it is not liable for tax. In case of Statham Anor v FC of T 89 ATC 4070 The person acquired some area for cultivating and driving a rustic life. After the demise of the citizen, the trustees sub-divided the area. The area was sold with the help of land specialists. The court directed that the owners of the property were not associated with the profit making business. According to sec.25 (1), the deal does not form part of salary. In case of Casimaty v FC of T 97 ATC 5135 The taxpayer sold a land, which he acquired from his father in the year 1955. The property was sold due to the illness of the taxpayer. It was directed by the court that the deal was not assessable for tax because it was found that the taxpayer has no intention of profit making, moreover, there was no plan to make benefit from the sale. The case is similar to the case of Statham Case. The deal should be termed as an acknowledgement instead of business exchange. The court held that the taxpayer had an inactive role while making any benefits from the said exchange. The transaction reflects the plan of a taxpayer just to understand the area only (Law.ato.gov.au, 2016) In case of Moana Sand Pty Ltd v FC of T 88 ATC 4897 The Company bought an area, which is beachfront facing with the motive to offer sand mined from the said area. The court directed that the company has obtained and acknowledge business benefits from the area, whereas, the Memorandum of the Company expressed that the object of the Company was to buy land packages so that they can offer working from the sand business. It was held by the court that a specific area, which has been obtained for more than one intention, and then the resultant increases marked down of such land would be assessable to impose under Section 25(1) of the Income Tax Assessment Act, 1936. As the aim of the said activity was to make benefit and the said game plan was a benefit making plan. In the case of Crow v FC of T 88 ATC 4620 The taxpayer acquired some pieces of land of an area with the intention of cultivating, brushing and developing products over it. The citizen sub-divided the land and sold the same over a time to meet the financial obligations that a person acquired while purchasing the said area. It was held by the court that the transaction carried on by the taxpayer related to the advancement of area increases acknowledged at a bargain on the above-mentioned grounds were assessable to impose. It was held that the aim to convey own business or make benefit would not have been available; the Taxpayer would be taxed because it would be ventured to make planned benefit from it. According to Section 26(a), definitive subjective motivation behind the citizen ought to be considered furthermore genuine arranging which is done throughout the said exchanges. In spite of the fact that the reason for securing a benefit was not the taxpayer's basic role, it will be regarded as a plan to add up to a benefit mak ing an undertaking or venture. In case of McCurry Anor v FC of T 98 ATC 4487 The taxpayer acquired a land and constructed townhouses on it and later on sold the townhouses for a benefit. It was decided that the asset was obtained with the goal of making a profit on the same. The income earned by the person will be treated as an expense under Section 25(1) of the Income charge Assessment Act, 1936. Furthermore, it was held that there was no business venture or undertaking required in the said course of action. However, the Honorable Judge decided that it doesn't make a difference if the endeavor or business wander does not exist, the negligible goal of the evaluation of business is to benefit from the offer of an area would suffice the use of tax collection on the said game plan. Therefore, it was held that if a property is obtained by a person with a motive to make a benefit in the most beneficial way that may introduce itself and the citizen embraces one of the numerous alternatives, consequently making a benefit, he will appropriately be said to do a busine ss/profità ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ making plan. Conclusion: From the above discussion, of residential status of an individual it has been found that Fred has failed the citizenship test of Australia. Therefore, he is to be treated as a non-resident for the country. Hence, he is not liable for the tax in Australia according to the taxation law of the country. Furthermore, after analyzing various cases based on the assessability of ordinary income it was found that all the cases involve the sale of land but the nature of business was different in each case. Therefore, the court gave different verdicts based on the nature of the transaction. Hence, after a brief summary of the relevant cases a person will understand the concept more elaborately. References: Allan, T., 1950. Truth that Sings. By William C. MacDonald. James Clarke Co. Ltd. 6s.Scottish Journal of Theology,3(04), pp.439-442. Anon, (2016). [online] Available at: https://"THERMAL SYNDICATE, LTD." (1949) 21 Analytical Chemistry [Accessed 7 Sep. 2016]. Arthur, G., 2016. Tax files: Taxation duties of executors.Bulletin (Law Society of South Australia),38(2), pp.28-29. Australian Citizenship HQ. (2016).Australian Citizenship Eligibility - Australian Citizenship HQ. Available from: https://www.australiancitizenshiphq.com.au/australian-citizenship/citizenship-eligibility/ [Accessed on 1 Sep. 2016]. Brown, R.H., 2000.Redeeming the Republic: Federalists, Taxation, and the Origins of the Constitution. JHU Press. Hettich, W. and Winer, S.L., 2005. Regulation and Taxation: Analyzing Policy Interdependence.Available at SSRN 525802. Hettich, W. and Winer, S.L., 2005. Regulation and Taxation: Analyzing Policy Interdependence.Available at SSRN 525802. Hunt, J., 2015. South East Queensland (SEQ) Sport Development meetings. John Caughlan, Statham (Gale Ecco, U S Supreme C, 2011). Law.ato.gov.au. (2016).Home - ATO Legal Database. [online] Available at: https://Law.ato.gov.au [Accessed 7 Sep. 2016]. Martin, F., 1991. Audit Power of the Commissioner of Taxation: Sections 263 and 264 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936, The.Queensland U. Tech. LJ,7, p.67. Obst, W. and Hanegbi, R., 2016. Small-Scale Property Development: GST Implications.Adelaide Law Review, Forthcoming. Pulfrich, A. and Branch, G.M., 2014. Using diamond-mined sediment discharges to test the paradigms of sandy-beach ecology.Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science,150, pp.165-178. Saad, N., 2014. Tax knowledge, tax complexity and tax compliance: Taxpayers view.Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences,109, pp.1069-1075. Schenk, A., Thuronyi, V. and Cui, W., 2015.Value Added Tax. Cambridge University Press.